How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

As a group were set the task of producing a multi-media marketing package for our own original Neo-Noir film. This multi-media package was made up of a teaser trailer, a poster and a front cover for Sight and Sound magazine. It was of vital importance that our multi-media advertising campaign had to share elements amongst themselves as if they didn’t there would be little convergence and as a result it would not be as effective of an advertising campaign as it could be. Having consistent representation of gender and recurring themes are a key part of an multi-media advertising campaign that has high levels of convergence.

Media institutions and distribution for our trailer

Below is a link to Adobe Spark in which I highlight all the factors in the production and distribution of media texts and how as a group we used these institutions to create an effective advertising campaign.

Common elements across our multi-media marketing campaign

Below is a link to a Prezi I made where I discuss the common elements across our multi-media marketing campaign and why we chose to feature these conventions across all three variations of media texts.

Business integration and our marketing campaign

The link below is a link to an Adobe Spark that I made in which I explain the difference between vertical and horizontal integration and what our strategy behind our marketing campaign.

 Representation of Gender

Below is a PowerPoint, in which I discuss how as a production group, we represented male and female characters across our all three of our media texts, the trailer, poster and magazine cover. I also discuss why we chose to do this and what theories we interpreted.

How we interpreted representation theory in our construction


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