How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

At the start of A2 I was moderate comfortable with a number of softwares and hardwares that would be used in the production of media texts. The reason why I had some understanding of certain softwares and hardwares was that last year I created an opening sequence for a zombie horror film, for example I used automatic settings on the DSLR, I had a basic understanding of Abode software, specifically Premiere and After Effects. I was least comfortable with using the DSLR and I was most confident using Adobe Premiere Pro as I was in charge of editing the horror sequence and I ended up with a good understanding of how to use software as I outlined in the post where I evaluate my understanding of Premiere as you can see here With regards of my levels of creativity, I believe that I am a very creative person, being able to come up with a variety of creative shots. Whilst last year I had creative ideas that never came to fruition thanks to a lack of understanding of what’s possible and whats not with the equipment available this year I was able to come up with shots that were both practical and creative. Using Henry Jenkin’s 11 skills theory to evaluate how and why my skills have improved I can say that using play, the capacity to experiment with the surroundings as a form of problem solving, as well as watching youtube tutorials, and through collective intelligence, the ability to pool knowledge and compare notes with others toward a common goal, through watching tutorials and reading help blogs online.


How I created the Sight and Sound magazine cover

Linked below is a Knovio I made where I explained how I used Photoshop to create a professional Sight and Sound article


How I created the Poster

Below is a Quicktime recording that explains how I used Adobe Photoshop to create a film poster for our original Neo-Noir text “Blackout”. Before A2 I had no experience with Photoshop, as a result I wasn’t very confident, however I am a determined and quick learner and so before starting to make our poster I went away and learnt how to do as much as I could on Photoshop. The end result was that by the time I actually started to use Photoshop to make the Poster and later the Magazine cover I was far more confident than I had been at the start of the year.


How I used Adobe Premiere for our construction

Adobe Premiere is the film editing software that I am most comfortable using given my experience with


How I used the DSLR in our construction

I wan’t able to use the DSLR as often as I would have liked as I was used as the main actor in our trailer and because Molly, my group member, was much better as using the DSLR than I was given the fact that she had far more experience using that variation of camera than I did. However, please follow the link below to an earlier post I made where I explain my understanding, knowledge and capabilities of using a DSLR camera.

How I used Adobe After Effects

Below is a link to a Quicktime recording I made where I explain how I used After Effects to create the muzzle flash effect for the final shot of the trailer where the gun goes off.

Digital technology used in research and planning

Below is an Adobe Spark in which I analyse some of the digital technologies I used in research and planning and their effectiveness.


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