Evaluation of animatic

Our Animatic trailer is made up of pictures from our storyboard mixed with titles, sound effects and music.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 14.56.54.png

Our Animatic trailer has a good variety of shots, with extreme close ups, close ups, mid shots, establishing shots and tracking shots all being featured. These shots combine well to portray a fairly clear narrative that is a beaten man being confused and trying to piece his memories together and also show there being a women dressed in red who has a lot of importance to the story and to the male character. There is also a lot of variety in the shot types we have used whilst at the same time conforming to Neo-Noir conventions by having action, in the form of a car chase towards the end of the trailer and also by having the setting be urban and at night. Trailer typical leave narrative enigmas that can only be solved through watching the film, our animatic trailer does the same by leaving some aspects of the plot left undeveloped and by having a cliffhanger car crash towards the end of the trailer. Our titles conform to Neo-Noir conventions as the bright neon colouring is similar to those used in other Neo-Noir texts such as Drive.

Where we would make improvements is by having a larger number of shots. This is so that we would be able to increase the speed of our editing and make it more typical of a teaser as they typical feature around 100-120 shots. Another element we’ll improve for our final trailer are the titles. Although they conform to the conventions of Neo-Noir we’d like to have more advanced titles with more effects to make them even more professional and of higher quality. The main title of “BLACKOUT” will be completely changed to something far more advanced with transitions and effects. The main changes will be in our music and sound effects as they will be completely different given the fact that the music we used in the animatic is all copyrighted and the non-copyrighted music we will use will be more typical of the Neo-Noir sub genre


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