Technicals skills and knowledge of Adobe premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is the editing software used by almost all Production companies and is the software that we will be using to edit our teaser trailer, because of this it is vital that I have a good understanding and knowledge of how to use the software in order to create the best possible teaser trailer.

As I used Premiere in As to create an opening scene for a zombie horror film I already have a decent level of technical skills and knowledge of how to use Adobe Premiere pro. For example, I know what J and L cuts are and I know how to use them effectively.  A J cut is where the audio from a following shot overlaps the picture from the previous shot, so that the audio of the later shot starts playing before its picture visually cuts into a new shot. An L cut is the opposite of this and is where the audio from the previous shoot overlaps the picture from the next shot, so that the audio cuts after the picture, and continues playing over the beginning of the next shot. Both these variations of cuts are effective in building tension and are typically used in trailers as they allow for dramatic shots and dramatic audio to be used simultaneously without sacrificing the quality of the piece by having a number of sharp cuts to unrelated shots that would result in the audience being left confused rather than interested in the text in question.

Pictured below are examples of a L and a J cut.l-cut-j-cut-same-timeline-855x353.png

Another basic Premiere skill I know how to do is changing the opacity of shots.

Changing the opacity of a shot enables for a number of connotations and effects to be made. For example, having lower opacity allows for shots to play over one another at the same time whilst not being disorientating or confusing as the intensity of the shots have been softened. Having a number of shots going at the same time as a close up of a character, for example, has the effect of creating connotations that the character is mentally unstable, that perhaps they suffer from multiple personality disorder. The use of a mask also comes under changes in opacity and is another skill I learnt how to do during As. What a mask enable you to do is select how much of a shot you want to appear over another shot and can be very effective. For example, in As we had a shot of an digital alarm clock but the clock was broken and read the wrong time so I created a digital time overlay but then I had to use the mask tool to make it as accurate and professional as possible as seen below with pictures of the clock before I made the edit, me using the mask tool and the final result.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 15.59.32Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 16.42.52Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.32.27Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.13.09.png

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The final basic skill I learnt how to do during As was effectively using the Split tool. The split tool is effective for breaking up footage precisely and including specific parts of footage without having any untidy and out of place frames on the side.

To conclude, I have a decent level of knowledge and set of technical skills in Premiere but this year I want to improve my use of colour gradients, saturation and implementing a wider variety of more advanced effects. I also plan to include greater use of sound editing if possible.

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