Locke trailer analysis

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.06.39Locke is a neo-noir film directed by Steven Knight released in April 2014, which stars Tom Hardy as the main character Ivan Locke. The trailer for Locke lasts a minute and 31 seconds, and follows a non-linear narrative. There is no clear outline of the story, all that is established is that Tom Hardy’s character has done something wrong and it is effecting his work and family life.


The editing techniques used in the trailer vary but follow a sort of pattern. At the beginning of the trailer the titles and some of the transitions between the shots are fade aways, however, as the trailer continues and the levels of suspense increases the transitions of titles turns to just cuts rather than fade aways. Creating the effect of a more tense and suspenseful trailer. Another piece of editing used in the trailer is change in opacity. Throughout the trailer there are numerous uses of opacity being changed, with various shots of Tom Hardy’s character being overlapped with each other. The effect that this has is it connoted that his character isn’t mentally stable and that he might suffer from multiple personality disorder.

The audio for the trailer follows a similar pattern to the editing techniques used in the sense that as the trailer continues the music intensifies and builds up the level of suspense even more. The non-diegetic instrumental sound increases in tiempo as the trailer reaches its peak. The non-diegetic sound also works in time with the editing, with titles coming in and out and cuts between shots in time with the non-diegetic sound. These uses of matching shots builds up the level of suspense. Another audio effect used is the way in which they make Tom Hardy’s character’s lines are given an echo sound effect, which once again have the effect of connoting that he has voices in his head.




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