Locke trailer analysis

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.06.39Locke is a neo-noir film directed by Steven Knight released in April 2014, which stars Tom Hardy as the main character Ivan Locke. The trailer for Locke lasts a minute and 31 seconds, and follows a non-linear narrative. There is no clear outline of the story, all that is established is that Tom Hardy’s character has done something wrong and it is effecting his work and family life.


The editing techniques used in the trailer vary but follow a sort of pattern. At the beginning of the trailer the titles and some of the transitions between the shots are fade aways, however, as the trailer continues and the levels of suspense increases the transitions of titles turns to just cuts rather than fade aways. Creating the effect of a more tense and suspenseful trailer. Another piece of editing used in the trailer is change in opacity. Throughout the trailer there are numerous uses of opacity being changed, with various shots of Tom Hardy’s character being overlapped with each other. The effect that this has is it connoted that his character isn’t mentally stable and that he might suffer from multiple personality disorder.

The audio for the trailer follows a similar pattern to the editing techniques used in the sense that as the trailer continues the music intensifies and builds up the level of suspense even more. The non-diegetic instrumental sound increases in tiempo as the trailer reaches its peak. The non-diegetic sound also works in time with the editing, with titles coming in and out and cuts between shots in time with the non-diegetic sound. These uses of matching shots builds up the level of suspense. Another audio effect used is the way in which they make Tom Hardy’s character’s lines are given an echo sound effect, which once again have the effect of connoting that he has voices in his head.




Plan for Locke Neo-Noir teaser trailer

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.06.39Key points:

11:05- Revealed that another woman is having the baby of the married men, hence why he isn’t able to tell anyone why he’s needing to go to the hospital.

14:07- change in sound, quiet non-diegetic sound as he tells his wife that he has had an affair

15:48- Possible sound bridge to try and add dramatic effect, Boss on the phone

17:27 “Right now nothing is a joke anymore”

18:27 “Do you know how many millions of pounds are riding on tomorrow?”

18:35 “we are facing 10 million pounds worth of loses in 15 minutes”

19:31 “I have made my decision”

19:53 “what are you looking at?”

20:04 “A familiar predicament to a man like you dad huh?”

20:17 “well that’s where you’re wrong”

20:24 “I want you to watch… I would like to take a shovel and dig you up out of the ground and make you watch me tonight”

20:40 “It’s me driving. Me”

23:32 “Don’t take his calls, don’t listen to anybody else until the morning, this is me and you ok?”

24:44 “We can’t really love each other or hate each other, can we? This thing just happened”

25:13- Police cars, could be used to fasten up the pace of the trailer

27:25 “You sound different”

27:28 “I am the same”

27:37 “Because I’m not sick”

30:45-31:30- key scene

32:16- Good dramatic shot of Tom Hardy’s face

40:22 “I will cut your legs off with a pavement saw”

43:50-45:30  “Let me educate”

54:05 “Well goodbye Ivan”

1:01:41- 1:01:46 “You’ve gone mad”

1:04:37 “You’re not coming home ever”


Narrative of the film:

Locke is an honorable man, under immense pressure, trying to do the right thing. The movie is suspenseful, deeply involving. The film follows Locke trying to handle his illegitimate child being born two months premature and having to break the news to his wife whilst losing his job as a result.


Angry scenes:

19:53-20:40- talks to dad for the first time

31:10-31:35- cracks appear

40:15-41:42- scream scene

43:35- 45:15- talks to dad again

45:55-46:01- I am, I’m going mad inside

57:47-58:55- you’re so weak

1:01:02-1:01:48- I’ve gone mad

1:02:45-1:03:30- life sentence

1:05:00-1:06:00- crying

1:12:20-1:12:40- I’ve got nothing


Plan for Locke teaser trailer

Establish a linear narrative, with the development of Locke’s situation roughly outlined. Start off by revealing he’s committed an act that he regrets and then reveal that he has lost his job and family as a result. However, we won’t mention the fact that it has anything to do with an affair or the fact that he works as a project manager for a cement pouring firm. Instead we’ll have audio of his boss explaining their possible losses so that it seems he holds a more important position than just being in charge of cement being poured. We’ll use dramatic music to try and create a more suspenseful atmosphere than the one found in the film itself. However, we will be sure to not reveal too much in order to retain narrative enigmas that can only be solved through the watching of the film. This way our teaser trailer will be more effective and professional.

DSLR Skills

ISO – this changes sensitivity of the film
The lower the setting the less sensitive the film is and the more light you will need. The higher the setting, the more sensitive the film and the less you light you will need.
ISO 100 – 400: for outdoor sunlight use. 800 is for low sunlight.
ISO 1000 and above: low light and evening light.

aid1144176-v4-728px-Use-Your-Digital-Camera's-ISO-Setting-Step-1Aperture- This setting changes how wide the aperture of the lens is. The lower the setting, the more light is let into the lens. The higher the setting, the less light is let into the lens. F1.8 is used for darker conditions but also creates a narrow field of focus. F5.6 and above are used for lighter conditions and create a wider field of focus.camera-aperture-2

Shutter speed- How fast the shutter opens and closes. The faster the shutter speed the clearer and less blurry the image is.shutter-speed-effect-chart-790x700

For example to create a narrow field of focus in day light conditions you would need to use a medium ISO setting and a low Aperture setting.

 In order to change from auto focus to manual focus on a DSLR you have to flick the switch on the lens from AF to MF. I would use manual focus on the DSLR in order to have  total over the focus of a shot, which would allow me to create rack focus shots.
White balance is the process of removing unrealistic colours, so that objects which are white in person are rendered white in your footage. To change the white balance setting on your camera you have to set the conditions in which you’re filming. Most cameras have a number of settings, as pictured below, and so you just have to select the required setting.
Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.57.41Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.57.37Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.57.30